Just acquired another guitar, a little Ibanez Artcore FWD 60 -TOR. (Looks like a dreamcicle, lol...had to get it).

Anyway, I didn't notice it when I first auditioned the guitar, but there is some sort of "rattle", and it seems to be coming from underneath the neck pick up.

I've never taken a pickup out of a guitar, so I don't know how they are constructed underneath. Plus, to take this out just to look underneath would be a huge endeavor.

Is it possible for pickups to get a rattle in them?
bump...anybody ever come across a pick up with anything loose on the under side?
I have had wires rattle around a bit and I found stuff inside pick ups like tiny peices of plastic, beads of solder etc but It could be anything. When you change the strings remove the pick ups and see what's in there. It's pretty simple to remove a pup but if your not confident enough to do it take it to repair shop.
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