Kinda didn't like it at first, but then I kept listening... and I really like it. But your myspace is an eye sore. And your name could be better.
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Don't quadruple post.


Did I quadruple post, I honestly do not remember doing it nor did I have any intention to. If I did I assure you I didn't mean to and am very sorry.

In response to the other poster, I'm happy that you liked the song, even if it was one little riff or section you found fun. Remember the song is in demo form and sounds raw, the re-record will sound crisp and more professional

I also agree that the myspace could do with a huge revamp, I wish i knew how to use photoshop because I honestly havn't a clue on how to make it look professional. If you don't like the name I don't really know what to say maybe its an opinion thing, I have become fond of it and can't really imagine it being called anything else now.

Any ideas for anything like a logo and the myspace background because I havn't really a clue.