Hi everyone, could any of you tell me how to count these? What do you say like, obviously 16ths in 4/4 is 1e&a, but what about 32nds?

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I don't think there is a way. What I've heard from music teachers is to just count it like a 16th, but play two notes in between. But if there isn't a way, I say we should make one up.
I can't remember- there is a way, but I totally forgot and I just heard it yesterday from a friend. When/If I remember I will edit
The problem I had with counting 32nds (I just counted them as one-two-three-four-five-six-sev-eight), was that I couldn't say/think the syllables fast enough after a certain point.
So, I just learned the part using 16th notes until I had everything nice and even, then halfed the metronome speed and did 32nds - at that point I wasn't counting, just aiming the first note of the next beat at the next click. Septuplets were trickier for me, because you can't half time them easily.
Also, use other opportunities through out the day for getting the feel internalized. For example, I have a long-ish drive to work, so if I was in slow traffic, I'd always be tapping out septuplets, 32nds, etc, on the steering wheel. If you're in school, and the teacher asks you why you have been drumming your fingers on the desk for the entire period, just tell him/her that the internet told you to do it.
yes u can't count that fast, which doesn't matter.

The counting is for the beats. AndIi don't think u wanna accent the each 32th note anyway. If u count for 16th's it will fall into place in between by itself.

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The sort of "one and two and" or "one and a two and a" is ony useful to a point. For me I used for when I was playing crotchets and quavers but anything smaller than that just got ridiculous/unecesarry.

I suggest just subdividing the 16th notes, just thinking of two for each 16th note. 32nd notes aren't two hard, it gets harder with 'n' tuplets - triplets and sextuplets are reasonably simple, but quintuplets are hard (the trick is to think hippopotamus in the space of a beat, i recently learned), and when I get to septuplets and nontuplets it's usually just a case of trying to fit all the notes in to the beat (evenly) so if I can manage that i'm good.
How do you guys handle it when something is tied within septuplets? For example, if you had 2 septuplets, then a 3rd note that it held for 2 septuplets, then 2 more septuplets.
The one time I ran into that I counted it until it was too fast to count, then just kind of did it by feel. I'm not sure how accurate it was, other than the fact that I could hear there was a gap in there, and that the 8th note landed on the next click.
Quote by 12345abcd3
the trick is to think hippopotamus in the space of a beat, i recently learned
That's supposed to make it easier? I get tongue-tied saying "hippopotamus" rapidly in my head.

There's got to be a better word...
^ My brain just kind of says "UM-um-um-um-um-UM-um-um-um-um" for those. As I go faster, I just kind of run them together "UmumumumumUmumumumum".
Thanks ppl. It's just gonna be down to practice really. The tempo of the song is very slow, so I'll try this ^. Cheers Galv.