I will try to get pix ASAP but this description should be self-explainatory. This is a Kramer bass guitar that was purched sometime in the late 80s. Has a traditional p bass body. Paint finish is cream. Pick gaurd had been removed. Has been re-wired and had mightmight aftermarket P style pickups replacing the stock ones. It has some knicks and paint chips near the back and sides but thats it. The neck is maple on maple. Frets are in good shape. Head stock is the "smurf hat" stlye that you see on many 80's metal guitars and basses. For tuners, it's got 3 after market Grover tuners on the A D G slots and a Shaller locking tuner on the E slot.

Just make me an offer. I am willing to go with any decent price. Thanks.
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When you get pics up, could you PM me please, or Ill forget about this thread. I may be interested.

O.K. I'll let you know as soon as i get some pix.