i changed all the strings on my guitar at one time instead of one-by-one like i should have. now all my strings have major buzzing and the high e string has about 4 dead notes around the 8th fret.

is this an action problem or is a truss rod adjustment in need?

thank you
probably the action, though i don't know too much about it. I think the only reason you would have to adjust the truss rod is when you look straight down the neck and it is bowed.
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so a truss rod is only for a bowing correction and not for curving and overly straight neck?
did your saddle come out when you changed your stringsif so you may have lost some shims. your truss rod is only for setting neck relief not adusting action though they are a byproduct of the two.
did you go up or down in string gauge when you changed your strings?
do you know how two check your neck relief if not go to frets .com and read their tutorials.