well this sucks. Last week we put up a squirrel trap because those pesky things were eating and making a muck in our garden. well, this morning a skunk got trapped in the steel cage. Normally, i would just take the cage to this open field and let the animal go free, but its a skunk. No one wants to get near that thing because none of us wants to get sprayed. We called the animal control and it turns out that they are closed on the weekends...
anyone else ever shafted by a group or something that wasn't open on the weekends when it damn well should be
Dick+strings= owww
Quote by strat335
go near it, I'm sure it won't bite

im sure it wont bite either
i just dont wanna get skunkified
Dick+strings= owww
Use a fishing pole, grab on to it, and toss it away. Then just try to break it or unlock it without getting too close.

EDIT: and don't hurt the damn thing.

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