Hey its me again, so I just finished up learning my first song today, Which was Learning to Fly by Tom Petty, was prolly the easiest song I could find, anyways, Ive noticed when I'm looking for songs to play, alot of um have parts that look like this


and well for someone like me I look at that and im just constantly stumbling trying to play it, cause these notes are all over the place, (they are for me anyway), so what im wondering, is how i can practice this, is there any particular fingering order, or are there any exercises i can throw into my daily practice to help me build my technique to play notes that are spread out over the fretboard

thanks in advance
Judging by the fact you've just learned your first song (and congratulations on that ), you haven't been playing guitar for very long. And in that case, I think you're getting in head over heels here. It's best to start with some basic chords, learn to change from one chord to the other fluently, and learn which chords sound good together. Then build on that as you see fit.

A good excersize to play notes all around the fretboard is to improvise some riffs with a scale you've learned (am pentatonic scale comes to mind here). Also, remember that your four fingers can cover four different frets, and (at least in my case) you ring finger can fall in for your pinky, if you have two notes on the same fret on different strings. Knowing this, I'm sure you can figure out the best fingering for yourself.

Hope this helped, cheers!
thanks man, Ya i can change chords between A, C, G, D, F, Am, E, and Em very well, i just finally got F down yesterday, anyways lol ive been looking for new stuff to practice, i think im going to try to figure out all this pentatonic stuff, and look for some chord songs somewhere, i'll check that Am pent and see if i can decipher it, thanks so much
Quote by MountainBoy79
... i just finally got F down yesterday ...

Barre chords are a swine. Nicely done!

(Please note... I'm a n00b... so this can't be classed as advice)

Next challenge... B, or at least barre chords with the root on the A string*. They're bloody awkward, but combined with what you've done with F (the moveable low E rooted major chord shape), gives you the basis for a whole stack of stuff.

For a good, if awkward, practice exercise on that shape, try "Wild Thing", with the chord progression as open E, open A, B as a barre rooted on the A string. Sounds qutie good with a tiny lil' bit of distortion, and doesn't half get you changing into that shape quick.

* Extra kudos if you go for the full shape, rather than muting\not hiting the high E
Oh, now I've gone and spilled my tea. This really won't do at all.
i don't play open F because it is basically the same as barred F. same goes with B, i just play the bar chord

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Congrats on learning your first song! I'm a beginner myself and was totally thrown off by picking individual notes around the fretboard. I put down chords this week and started playing solos. I finally learned about playing in position and it's something that I just learned by practicing. Look at the tab - if you see that all the notes are within, say frets 12-15 then use your first finger for fret 12, second for fret 13, and so on. I'm sure the experts can go into more detail on this.
thanks guys i appreciate teh input, im currently trying to polish my chords and basic techniques ive learned, thanks guyz