I stopped playing for a while, mainly cause i have like no time between school/work, but since school is almost done for the semester im going to get back in the groove, but I need a new amp. Mainly a new practice amp, im not planning on gigging anytime soon, and money's a little tight, I just need something that will be better than a fender frontman 15g. I have no clue how i have lasted with that amp, but it needs to go. I currently ran into the peavey vypyr 15w and 30w, and I played the 15w and was suprised with the effects and tone it had, but I also have an offer of buying a roland cube 30x for 150. I have tried the 15w but i know it doesnt measure up to the 30x because of lack of features. Now my question is which one would suit me better for a hard rock/metal and sometimes classic rock sound? I havent seen much about the vypyr im asuming because its new. But has anyone owned or have complaints or other info about the vypyr? Or would I be better off with the cube? Thanks for any info
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Cube 30X is great for metal. Vypyr is very complicated
would it work fine with pedals? like it wont sound like shit?
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If you can try them out, I say try em out. I haven't tried the Vyper yet, but it seems like a good deal, lots of positive feedback from people who have tried it. It does what it does well for it's price.

**EDIT** cant believe I forgot, what is your budget, where are you located, what type of music do you play.
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I mentioned above what the amp would be for, hard rock/metal/classic rock. I live in toronto, and my budget is about 200-250 tops, i need to save money for christmas (cant be greedy) but i need my amp also, thats what im in the midst of a practice amp for the time being. The vypyr costs about 130, while the 30x cube i got a deal which i would be able to purchase for 150. The 30w vypyr costs like 250 that what im dealing with atm. Would there be any other amps in that price range that would be suitable for that kind of music style?
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