hey everyone, I've been lurking here for a while. However I have a like new Genz Benz "El Diablo" head for sale. It has been used twice, i recorded one song with it, and it was used for a live gig for another band...however it is not the right amp that suits my style any longer.

The amp is in Perfect condition, not a mark anywhere. Again it was literally used only twice. It was kept in a music warehouse after the gig, for some major band im not aware of, but i went ahead and bought it from the warehouse for the same price im offering, simply because it was a good deal. It does not have the foot switch, but it does have the foam slip case.

This amp is especially open to classic rock and nu metal sounds. I was easily able to replicate Zeppelin and ACDC. The heavier side of things goes a s far as nu metal, like disturbed and the like.

I play mainly death metal and need a more suitable amp. I'm lookingly to mainly invest in the JSX Satriani or one of the ENGL's.

The price is posted at $1000, but feel free to negotiate and offer.

The amp retails for about 1400 on average.

PM me if you have any questions or would like to see pictures