So ive written a couple a songs now...but they all sound the same, not lyrically, but they all have the same feel to them. I really want to get out of this one feel writing style, but I dont know how..any sugestions?
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This is definatly something you should work on. I hate artists whos songs all sound the same. Try learning some songs that are different from what your used to. I'm the song writer in my band and we usually have a hard rock sound but I still practice stuff like jazz and it really helps me try new thing when I'm writing.

Another thing you could do is try writing stuff on another instrument. I usually play guitar, but I've writen entire songs on bass and piano before.

Maybe using another tuning will help.

ANother thing that really helps is writing in different states of mind. You will write different things when your in different moods.

These are all things that have helped me so good luck. Just remeber not to rush and to give your songs time to develop.
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