So a few months ago i was repainting my guitar but in the end product the neck was much higher than it was suppose to (i guess its from all the sanding to the body). Because of this the neck was a couple millimeters higher than its suppose and even with the bridge raised to its highest the string were right up against the fret board.

The neck pocket wasnt covered during the paint job so someone from this board said to sand the paint off but the neck was still too high. Instead i used this plastic thing to place under the bridge to raise it a bit. it plays well but its kind of noticeable and looks kind of "ghetto" to speak >_>

a couple of days ago my guitar strings broke so i replaced them but im thinking this would be the perfect time to do any changes to the guitar and i really want to stop using the pieces of plastics.

So should i just saw off a couple mms from the back of the neck?

Make sure you post pictures when it all goes horribly wrong though.


get it repaired?
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why not just take the neck out, and sand the part that goes into the pocket?

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just rout the neck pocket deeper? I wouldn't fudge too much with the neck if I didn't have to.