So I have this Roland cube 60 amp I borrowed from my church. I have no idea of how old it is. It's cream white, seems to be leather clad and have four controls; bass, middle, treble and volume. It has two inputs, low and high. There is several input and output jacks on the back, and an on/off switch. I'll post the connections if you think it's necessary. It says "Roland Cube 60 Bass" on the back. The model number is "CB-60" and the serial number is "179733".

Does someone have any info on this amp?
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I can't find anything on Google, just info about the newer Cube 60's. That's why I posted here.

EDIT: I just took some pictures.

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Newer Cube 60? They are supposed to release a revision at 09 NAMM. I'm curious if it will compete with the new Vypyr series from Peavey.
No idea about a 60w for bass.

But the white looks pretty pimpin'.
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