I'm getting an acoustic and was wondering which you think is better? I'm going to the store later this week, but wanted some input first. Or if you don't like either of those, which would you suggest in that price range?
never buy ibanez, especially for acoustic.

end of discussion.
AEL20E is a really nice acousic for your price range. I own one and love it but there are also some nice ovation and alverez out there that u might want to look into.
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what price range?
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300-400 dollars. Also I need an acoustic/electric. I also like Ovations, but so far I prefer the AEL20E. I'm just getting some input before I make the final decision.
Ibanez acoustic guitars are generally very poorly made. A lot of people end up with lemons. I really wouldn't suggest one. Check out the "guitars for $300 and under" sticky.
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ask yourself what basis you choose the ibanez for. was it looks or playability? or tone? because they sound and play pretty terribly.

300 dollar thread is good, you can get those guitars in the a/e version too.
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For $300 I absolutely love the Takamine GS330S- warm cedar top goodness. Also check out Yamaha, the FG700s and FG730s in particular. I can't personally vouch for any others but definitely check out the sticky as captivate mentioned.
Go for the guitars under 300 dollars thread, but in my personal opinion go for aN epiphone hummingbird for 300 on musicians friend or save up an extra 100 bucks for an epiphne masterbuilt series...those are some nice guitars for 500 bucks imo