Does anybody know how to make that weird elephant-y noise that Jimi Hendrix does in Third Stone from the Sun?

also, i heard the exact same noise in In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

First of all, does anyone know what sound i'm talking about? i'm sorry if i'm giving too broad of a description

i've been trying to figure it out for a while and, quite frankly, i can't get anywhere close.

If you mean the stuff that sounds almost like talking at the beginning, that's just distorted and altered vocals, could likely be at least reproduced decently on a modern synthesizer.

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There's a video in youtube of lolHerman Lee where he teaches how to do it.

This is it:

He's actually useful! >.>
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Harmonic squeel? Or maybe just causing feedback and hitting the whammy?
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from what i can tell it's not harmonics. it sounds lower than that. i think a mix of the volume and whammy bar
and the sound is at approximately 3:15. It might be some type of unison bend with the whammy bar
If I correctly understand which sound you're talking about, this is a variation of the bent unison, where you play any note on one of the first 2 strings with the index finger, then reach to the next lower string with the ring finger and play the note a step or half step below the first note and then bend it up to the same pitch as the first note. On the way there, the strings harmonically 'beat' against each other. If you stop bending BEFORE you reach unison, then you will have a very elephant-like squawk.

One caveat...this doesn't work so well on axes with floating trems because bending one string with the fingers makes all the others go flat. It should be OK with a trem set up to "dive only"...works OK with a Strat-type trem set up for dive...I can't vouch for what you'd get with a Floyd or a Kahler.