This is a punk love song I'm working on. I usally avoid the subject of love because It's so cliche' but I've been going through some troubles lately so I wrote this piece. Please give me some tips on how to keep this from being to cliche'. peace... Crit 4 Crit.

REGRET*(work in progress)

I fake a smile to try and conceal the pain
But my efforts to decieve myself don't make it go away
I've been through this a hundred times before
And this is just one time more

How many mistakes will I make
How much heart ache can I take
After all the regret that I have faked
...end for now any ideas?
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"How many mistakes will I make
How many hearts will I break
How much heart ache can I take" (I don't like this line and the 2nd line together)
After all the regrets I've faked....?(my idea)