Okay, so when i first entered my info to sign up for xbox live I accidentally entered the wrong email address. This didn't bother me for a while until today when live was obviously having some problems and wouldn't let me sign in to the messenger. So then I finally decided to email this person and ask if he could email me the password (which i forgot) to sign in so I could change it. But when I emailed him it said that this email address didn't exist. So I tried to make an account under the name and it said the name was taken!

How is this possible and could anyone help me?
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You can change your email address if you go to the marketplace tab and click account settings.

yeah, but i forgot the password, either that or the other guy changed it.

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Register again with another address.

Then wont i have to pay twice as much? anyway it would be a lot easier to keep my current settings.