I HATE the sound of blackbird, but I am MOTIVATED to learn this song...
but i have some questions...

for this tab, how am i supposed to figure out what chord to hold when finger picking? by myself (its kinda hard)? i know you hold chords while fingepicking to pluck and the PIMA stuff...
PS I love final fantasy...
I have absolutely no idea what Final Fantasy has to do with it, but if you want to fingerpick but don't enjoy Blackbird (dunno why, it's an awesome song ), try learning "Breezy Balamb Town" from the Final Fantasy 8 soundtrack. There should be a tab on this site.

As far as the chords, take it slow and look at the adjecent notes you have to hit. Blackbird is pretty self-explanitory, as you start learning the notes you'll gradually discover which positions to fret.

If all else fails, there are a couple great youtube vids that take you through it step by step. Search for "Blackbird lesson".

-Edit #2 (I should really slow down when I post )-

To answer the thread title, yes, Blackbird is an excellent song to introduce you to fingerpicking. Great for right hand dextarity.
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you dont have to holf chords while you finger pick, you can do randomly placed notes that dont make up a chord and still fingerpick them
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dude how i learned to finger pick was i started with hey there deliah just to get used to finger picking then the unforgiven and finally now im at dust in the wind thats how i learned and it seemed to work for me