havent posted a song in a while. this is a fairly new song. i started writing a couple months ago. after writers block i stopped writing up until last week, when i prety muched finished. there are two percussionists on this song. one on a kit, and one playing a bass drum. enjoy!
the dirt.zip
hey man, thanks for the crit!

Intro/Verse: Great great guitar work! Love how the bass comes in, it really adds a lot of ambience. Plus, im a sucker for clean arpeggios..

Chorus: Love the guitar riff here. Really cool and leaves a lot of breathing room for vocals. well done.

Break: The chords are really cool. At first i was like, how the hell do you make those chords? but then i remembered you have a capo at the 2nd..kinda threw me off, but thats my own fault haha.

Intensity: Good idea with the breakout of the distortion, but a little more lead into it would have done the trick for me. Not bad tho. The riff is really repetitive, but it works. Great harmony.

Build-up: I liked the build-up. After the drums come in, it almost seems playful and happy. I dont think thats really what you were goin for, but i liked it that way for some reason.

Intensity 2: Not too bad, the chords are sweet again. But a little lead over this one would have made it much better, IMO. That would have defined intensity more than the first one did and i believe it needed to be stepped up a bit. Maybe even a solo or something.

Overall, great job on this man, i like the atmosphere you create and its a very easy song to listen to. Ill give it a 8.7/10. Keep em comin!
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