Gibsons or epiphones with angled necks always seem to break at the nut area

I've resurrected many LP with angled necks. Get marine epoxy its the strongest and does not creep:


Set up a clamping system consisting of a strap ratchet clamp

This has to be strapped vertically from the top of the headstock to the body near the strap button (should probably remove the button temporarily)

Also prepare a clamp like the quick hand clamps

One of these will go along the line of the crack
Mix the epoxy correctly. and brush into every crevice of the wood. Then align the pieces perfectly. Then slowly tighten the strap clamp with the ratchet until the pieces are SLIGHTLY tight together and excess epoxy is pressed out. Get some wax paper to lay across the crack to prevent the epoxy from sticking to the strap material and the clamps. Then use a hand clamp to clamp across the crack over the wax paper. Try to tighten the strap clamp a little more before you finally tighten the hand clamp (It helps to have someone help you do this) Then let dry over night. The bond is generally strong enough on its own. But if you want to make sure, after this, rout out some vertical channels and make wood splints to fit to splice across the crack and glue and clamp them with the same epoxy. Then sand finish and repaint. This should last forever.
It would also be good to run some dowels in between the headstock and the neck, for a bit more strength, in addition to what you outlined. Sounds good, though.