Hello all. I am trying to find out more about specific types of pickups and their wiring. I always thought that the reason for the infamous Strat "quack" in the 2 and 4 positions was due to the middle pickup being RWRP. I then read an article online somewhere that this is false and that the actual reason is due to the pup spacing being so close together but still not directly next to each other?? It then went on to read that the pups are still parallel and not reversed and that if they are reversed that the sound is very nasty and not preferred. I always thought the opposite and would like to hear from those with experience what the real deal is. Thanks.

Also, I have been wanting to change one of my hum / hum guitars to two P90 (humbucker sized) single coils and was wondering if I will get some of that "quack" or maybe Tele "cluck" in the middle position if I get the bridge standard and the neck pup in RWRP.