My main guitar is a Nashville Deluxe Telecaster....my backup currently is an Agile AL 3000, which is a great guitar but the fretboard is too narrow for me and I feel very very cramped on it. The Teles width at nut is 1.875 inches, and a 25.5 scale length.

I want to sell my Agile and get a new replacement with humbuckers that fits like my tele. I can't seem to find a cheap lp copy with a big enough fretboard, but i did come across this douglas http://www.rondomusic.com/si-13hb.html ....are these any good at all, SG's seem to fit fairly similar too to my tele. Any other suggestions out there?
Also how much you think I could get for my Agile, its in good condition 3 yrs old? Thanks
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Well, less than what you paid for it is a decent answer.

And if you want a back up guitar with humbuckers and the same thing as a Tele, I think the best way to go is a Fender Deluxe 72 Tele. It might be a bit to steep for the money, but it's like a Tele crossed with a Les Paul.

It's one of the only 3 Teles I like aswell!

I think there's a Squier that's the same thing, but it's made of agathis. If it's just a backup, then shove new pickups in it and change the hardware and hoohah and you should be good to go.

The Fender:


The Squier:

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