I just picked up a SD Jazz and JB off ebay and it's going to be at least a week before I have time to sit down and put them into my guitar. I tried measuring the DC resistance just to make sure they were in good shape, but I get no reading. My multimeter just acts as if the leads aren't making contact for both pups. They supposed to be 7.7k and 16.4k respectively. I've got some old stock epi pups sitting around that my meter takes readings on just fine. The epi bridge pup read at about 13k.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there some kind of problem with the pickups? It seems like even if something was wrong, I would get at least some kind of reading. Maybe there's something I'm overlooking?
is your multimeter set on the same setting you had it on for the epi pickups?
Are you touching the pickup wire or the shrink tube thing?
It's set to Ohms, same as when I tested the epi pup. I didn't change anything. I'm touching the red probe to the lead (black on Duncans) and the black probe to the ground wire (the green and bare wires).
do you have the red and white wires connected together? you must do that.
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That would be the problem there. Looks like the guy who I bought them off of had them taped together, but not connected. Maybe that's why he sold them...