I have two Ibanez starter pack guitars. (sister gave up, I got the guitar)
When I replaced the strings a couple of months back on my one the trem was lifting a lot. (As in it was no longer flush to the body, but positioned if I were diving) I ended up having to put an extra spring on it. I think they were 0.10 gauge. Now its time to replace the strings on my sisters one. If I got with a smaller gauge will the trem lift less? Or do I need to get another spring because I don't have one lying around.
Both guitars are 3-4 years old and my sisters one is still on the factory strings.

Lower guage strings will probably lift it less, and how the hell can you leave a set of strings on for 3 years? o.0
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The guitar was only really used for the first and last 6 months. Its only recently when I started using multiple tunnings that I really started using it.

Thanks for the help.