I've been looking at a new amp for a while now, but my amp is pretty much busted now, so I dont have much choice.

I tried out a DSL and the sound was really great, but the clean wasn't as good as it could be. So recently I've been looking at a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. From sound clips, the cleans are amazing, and the overdrive is great for some crunchy blues and rock leads.

The main styles I play are punk/hardcore and crossover thrash stuff. But I like my cleans, as I enjoy playing a lot of blues outside of the band (Dad's influence...)
With my old amp I got all my distortion sounds from my pedals. So what I wanna know is, on the clean channel with my pedals, will the HRD be able to create my thrash-punk sound? Or will it still sound bluesy and light? :S Should I just stick to the DSL?
Thanks a lot!!
I'd say try out the Hot Rod Deluxe to see if you like it. If not, keep searching. There's tons of amps that would go really well with your styles.

I have a friend who has a Fender Tweed '57 I think it is, and he gets all of his overdrive/distortion sounds from his AC Booster and his Fuzz Head, and it sounds INCREDIBLE. Obviously, it's a much higher quality amp, and he plays mostly lower gain stuff, but he had some pretty high gain tones coming from just those two pedals. Hope this helps!
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I have the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe White Lightning and the only difference is the paint and the celestion speaker, and the distortion is nothing special really. It can't give you a good trash sound for sure. I use a fulltone OCD pedal for my distortion (its like for blues and rock not trash) and I play an Ibanez Iceman IC400. I would still absoultly recommend it, and definatly try it because it is a superb amp. The cleans are fantastic. Also, what guitar and pedals do you use?
Thanks a lot! Yeah, I suppose the HRD will only make my pedals sound nicer, so my distortion should be the same if not better was just curious because Fenders are so notorious for being clean/light amps.
40W should sound okay at bedroom volumes shouldn't it? And will it be enough for un-miced practices?

Unfortunately, nowhere near me sells Fender tube amps (only Marshalls), so Im having to buy online.

EDIT: I know the on-board distortion wont give me a thrash sound, but I got a good sound from my pedals on my old SS amp, so it should be okay. I have an ibanez s470 which is so nice
o yeah, I never buy anything without trying it, but It is a nice amp. I totally dig mine. You can probably buy a pedal to get any sound you want anyway. But Marshall's are fantastic amps and always have great distortion. It sounds like maybe you should try out one of their little combo's or something.