I'm trying to buy one atm, but the only one i can find on ebay is 950 bucks. How much should i be trying to get one used for?
Well depends on how used. The rr24 is a pretty specific axe, so you arent going to find them used very often, and depending on how used it is the price will change accordingly.
The guitars are somewhat recent too. You won't find alot of them used unless the owner needs cash.
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Oh, I didn't know they were recent. But, do you think it would be a good idea to take that deal, or should i hold out for a better price? The bid/etc closes in hours so I need some advice quickly. Thank you
they usually go for around 800, but it just depends on how much you are willing to pay

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holy shit.....i got my rr24 for 1550 new...talk about price depreciation..
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holy shit.....i got my rr24 for 1550 new...talk about price depreciation..

You live in Canada, the prices suck there.

I hate my country for guitar stuff.

I was actually hunting some down on eBay, a few months back.

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