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I am a State worker who just can't stop picking. I play fun gigs when I can, don't plan on making money at it, but then I don't want to stop getting better either. I have spent a lot of time studying scales, modes, licks, and patterns recently, so I guess that says I feel compelled to at least become capable of spinning great spontaneous leads whenever I want to. I've been practicing mostly on my acoustic beater to build finger strength, while trying to inventory my music interests, so that I can avoid buying more guitars which are versatile, but aren't right for the job. The problem, if it is one, is that my repertoire has gone wide - I started out in a (swallow now, get ready to laugh) singalong group - yes, they are often grating, but when a friend got me to go I discovered lots of great songs which I wouldn't have, others who wanted to rock who I could learn from, motivation. I play classic rock, acoustic rock, blues, metal (no thrash), folk, and country, somewhere in that order.