Hey, whenever i play in dropped tunings such as C, my guitar strings are way too loose for it to sound good, i use .11 power slinkys, and its not because of my distortion/amp, also does anyone know the name of them strings, their called something blues (not blue steel) thanks.
EDIT: Is it because i have to tune it into drop C or whatever tuning when putting my strings on? Or is there a way around this.
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Get thicker strings is the only way to prevent that, or a longer scale guitar ^^
No, you don't have to tune a guitar to an alternate tuning when you first string it. If your strings feel too loose to you buy heavier gauge strings. Be warned that you'll probably have to adjust the action, truss rod, and intonation depending on how heavy the new strings are compared to your current .11's.
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D'addario XL 11's and up are labeled as blues strings. I wouldn't go past .11, unless your guitar is set up specifically for such a gauge.

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Even on a 24.75 scale, a set of Baritone GHS Boomers will do well all the way down to Drop C and sound good without having to re-work your entire guitar. Any further though, and I still don't think a 25.5 scale will be enough.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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I don't really see any problems, 11's are rather thick, and they shouldn't be too loose on a 24.75 scale. IMO, the looser the strings, the more you can dig in.

Maybe some Not Even Slinkies or Beefy Slinkies by ernie ball would be a better choice if you're really wanting less flimsy strings.
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