So, I've got three choices of Washburns, one of which I am for sure going to get.
WI65 Pro
WI200 Pro
WI66 Pro (Not to be confused with the Pro G)

I can get the WI65 Pro for £240, the WI200 for £230, and the WI66 for £365. I'm wondering, is it worth it to save a bit of extra cash for the 66, or to spend early and get one of the other two models? Also, which one would you recommend for me? I play rock, blues, a little punk, indie, Buckethead (He deserves his own genre), classic rock, all through a Vox AD15VT amp.

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The other two also have Duncans.
I do love the finish to the 66 much more over the other two. The Tobacco burst is what I'm leaning towards, I haven't seen a silverburst. If you could get pictures for me, that would be much appreciated!
superman is killing himself tonight
i have the 66pro and its a really great guitar. probably one of the best you could get new for under $1000