This is my second ever Gp song, and its about summoning zombies and the like. It took me a hard month of brutal writers block to get this far. I got fed up with this song and haven't completely got all the transitions right,or the acoustic part, but I am tried of it, so I just decided to put it up.

This is the second song my band and I will be recording for a demo next month. We play short prog-rock, minus the constant meter-shifts, in a four piece band. It's probably more metal than rock( a wee bit of double kicking) but we have a hard rock singer so thats why I say rock.

Edit: Song is only about 4:10 minutes long. I forgot to delete the riffs that come after the song ends.

Hope you like: C4C as usual
Golgotha Summoning.zip
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I liked it! Although the intro wasn't my favorite, I loved the sections entitled "Call of Summons" and the "Place to Hide." However, the latter got a little repetitive, but it's nice.

I didn't like the part at bar 78, but I'm not sure if that was the part you meant to omit.

Good work
your "6" string bass is tuned to a guitar which leads me to believe you don't know what a bass is... on the positive side, most of ur weird rhythms seemed to work. don't bother c4c i haven't got anything yet, just looking around for inspiration.
hey man, thanks for the crit.

This song was great! I liked the arpeggios for the intro, kinda sounded like pink floyd :P all classic rock name-drops aside, there was a very dark, catchy atmosphere about this song.

I dont think i like the lead part for the first 4 bars of "written in stone". for some reason it just didnt mesh up well with the cleans. it could be my ear, but most of it sounded a bit to dissonant, and thats coming from a dissonance lover. the rest of written in stone was amazing.

Pursuing Cadavers, A Place to hide, and Showdown were my fav. parts. I really liked the harmony on bar 59, which repeats i believe. Bar 66 of laid to rest didnt seem right to me. it could be the timing or the chords, i dont know. maybe both. It fits the music well but, different strokes for different folks, right?

Overall this is an awesome song, lots of mood and ambience from the cleans. And good idea with using the jazz guitar, im gonna have to start doin that.

8.7/10 from me.

maybe you could check one more out for me? this one is more your vein, i believe. its a heavier tune in prog/thrash form.
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Thanks for the crit Even though I didn't quite expect THAT, thanks.

Anyway. I think it's safe to say, this song is EASILY better than mine. Genre's aside and all. There were some places that got a little repetitive though (A Place To Hide was repeated a little too much, I think. It kinda lost my attention after its 2nd repeat, taking away from its overall impact).

Other than that, I really don't think much can be done to improve this track. My fav sections were Pursuing Cadavers (Loved the bizzarre backing riff that track 2 was providing here), A Place To Hide (before it lost my attention), and Showdown (really gave the atmosphere of an great battle).

Make sure we all get to hear this when you record your demo, eh?
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That was pretty sweet man.

Though, I felt something in the first solo-thing was off, though it may have just been me playing it through MIDI (I don't have RSE for some reason... ?).

The acoustic bit is really good though, reminded me alot of Opeth's soft stuff.

Another cool thing was the sort-of-weird timings in the 'Laid to Rest' section.It struck me as a really chilled-out, which is a good thing. (Perchance, did you know that is also a song title from the band "Lamb of God"?, though, it sounds nothing like the song :P)

Overall, I'd rate it 8/10.