I know, it's an odd question, but what food or drink leaves you with the worst aftertaste?

I would say milk. I have to brush my teeth after I drink it because I just can't stand the aftertaste.

P.S. Yes, I'm very bored.
Yeah, I hate milk aftertaste. Pretty much any dairy product except butter, actually.
Diet soda.
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Any light american beer. YUCKKKKK.
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home-made root beer found at state fairs here in nc.. the most pungent, god-awful shit....EVER. think root beer w/ no carbonation. just the syrup flavor
just that random bad taste you get sometimes, that makes it so you cant stand the taste of your own breath.
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drinking orange juice directly after brushing your teeth
try it
tastes like poison
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vanilla coca-cola
absolutely gross

Yes! That's exactly what I was thinking.
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Not really.

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eat a lot of sushi and dont finish it off with a shot of saki
(happened once at a sushi bar where the waiter actualy cared about the legal drinking age)
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drinking orange juice directly after brushing your teeth
try it
tastes like poison

this too

Top lel.
I personally have to say Bacon DIppers, theyre this kind of cracker, tastes liek bacon, (kind of)

have two or three of those, and BAM 15 minutes later, it tastes like you ingested some kind of nasty ass diarrhea they taste good if you keep eating them tho, and grape crush gets rid of the after taste
Red Bull.

Diet Soda.
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Raw red onions. Makes your mouth taste like an Iranian wrestler's jockstrap the morning after. Also makes your anus rather tender, like aforementioned wrestler took you to town.

Anyone who is familiar with this will know what I mean.

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EDIT: Actually, don't. Not enough room. 250 characters is not enough.

EDIT 2: Vodka. Freaking terrible.
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drinking orange juice directly after brushing your teeth
try it
tastes like poison

Win. Thread over.
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