so what are the pit's experiences of going to uni? what were your first years like, i.e. did you immediately love it or did you hate it and then like it or..... you get the point.

i'm just interested in what it has been like for others
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This man is right.

My life in all aspects is going fucking brilliantly, so I just thought I'd offer a cyncial scrap of wisdom, gloat a little, and then leave.
You get to sleep more, and have more time to chill and hang out..
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First year at uni. I like it. Getting tons of sleep and lots of free time.
It's gonna be a blue day
its a lot of fun, and although class work can be stressful at times, its totally worth it
live in res first year, and meet some new people, i'm quite sure the vast majority of people enjoy it here
i haven't found the transition to be too difficult, but then again i was ready to move away from home
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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
It's cool. Just be organized and make time to read your textbooks (or at least the ones for the harder classes - I only really read my Business Management textbook) and do your homework in advance. Don't be like me and leave homework until the last day and go drinking the night before.