I'm saving up for a dean razorback 255, although I have heard reviews that say it's not a good guitar. My band mainly play metal, and I love the look of the guitar, but is it a good guitar, if any of you have one/have played one. I can't goto the guitar shop and test one because none of the guitar shops around here have it in stock (and are never likely too).

If I were to get one, this would be the model/paintjob I would want:
Razorback 255

If its not a good guitar, would you recommend a better one? My price range is at most
Thanks very much.
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they are very heavy. and big. they are a hassle to play. i wouldnt reccomend it
Heavey? There pretty light guitars. They're big, but not a 'hassle to play'. I'm not a fan, but they are quite comfortable after sitting down and playing it for a while. If you have a price range up to $2000USD then I'd check out the used market. Take a look at USA Jackson, ESP, Caparison and mayb a couple Ibanez. For that price you may even be able to get your hands on a used USA Dean.

It's really all up to you. Everybodys going to have a different opinion about everything.