Anyone know some good, fingerpicking Christmas songs in DADGAD?

I actually just started using DADGAD tuning (literally yesterday) and am learning McKee's "Drifting", but I liked the tuning so much that I was actually going to ask this exact same question, but I came on to do it, and here it is already! So thank you for asking.

I searched google, and all I could come up with was:

The only other one I found was an obscure british hymn that I had not heard of.

I am looking forward to replies to this thread
Well i dont know any christmas songs in that tuning but i do know that "going to california" by Led Zeppelin is in that tuning and that is a fun song once you learn it, im learning it now in my guitar lessons so currently its annoying when i screw it up but the parts i do know are fun to play.
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Trace Bundy does a sweet version of Carol of the Bells


I'm not 100%, but a lot of his stuff is in DADGAD, so I'd guess that Carol is too. Anyone good with tabbing want to take a stab at it?

I'm working on tabbing right now... should be done in a couple of days.