okay so im streched on cash and i need a 60w practise amp..
1.fender rumble 60
2.warwick bluecab 60
3.line 6 Low Down Studio 110
4.laney rb3

i dont really have other options...i live far from the us...so no asdowns, edens etc...just the 4 above...HELP!
I dont really like the Fender Rumble series much.

I would go with Warwick or Laney.
Line 6 if you want a variety of tone.
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warwick of laney. iv heard bad things about laney and rumble, but if its only for practise then they're fine
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If its solely a practice amp then they'll all be fine, but why not save up for a better amp? Will you be practicing with a guitarist and drummer or is it just for you?
I have no experience with the Laney or Warwick amps, but the Fender Rumble is ok but nothing to write home about(tone wasn't great but not horrible, did what was asked of it and nothing more), and the Line 6 is mediocre at best (I didnt really like the tone all too much, I'm a fan of Line 6's bass equipment) .
ok its down to warwick vs fender... and no i cant afford anything bigger then a 60w...
i dont have the warwick in a store near me so i cant try it...the fender im gonna check out tomorrow...any thoughts on their tone? i like warm fat tone...im guessing neither of these is great, but one must be slightly better then the other right?
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The warwick would be warmer.

I have to play through that Fender at school, and it is absolutely foul.

My experiences with the smaller Warwick amps are far better.
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