Hey, I'm Jessie and I was hoping to get some opinions about a guitar pack I just bought for my son...

We just bought our 7 year old son (as a Christmas gift) the Ibanez jumpstart pack.

Since I know very little about guitars, I would like to know if this is a good deal?
Is Ibanez a good brand? (my dad says no)
Will this be a good first electric guitar for a child?

Thank you for your honest answers,
You made probably the best choice for getting all started out in that price bracket.
It's a good value package. You're not going to get a fantastic guitar at that price range, but Ibanez is definitely a reliable brand, and it should be good (assuming it's not just too big for him, in which case you might want to look at some short scale guitars).
Ibanez makes good starter guitars for the price. The Jumpstart Pack is ok, just expect to need to replace it when he gets better.
ibanez is a great brand. good choice. if ends up not liking it then it wont be a waste. if he likes then it is a good guitar. ur dad was wrong ibanez is good from beginner to pro. he might be used to top of the line gibsons
it's perfect for a beginner to be honest, i've been playing for about 7 years and still have a 'beginners' ibanez (the GRG170DX model) and it's perfect.

i think ibanez are as good as fenders and gibsons.
Thank you all very much. I feel very reassured in my purchase.

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ifi t helps you here's the UG review on that exact package



Thank you very much. It's great to hear what others thought.

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(assuming it's not just too big for him, in which case you might want to look at some short scale guitars).

I'm hoping he'll be able to. His acoustic that he has now is smaller sized, but he does also play his sister's regular size so I'm hoping he'll be ok with this.
My husband said if it's too big for him, that we would go out to Guitar Center and get him the Squier mini also. (and then he could step up to the Ibanez when he felt more comfortable with it.)

Thank you all very much.
Im not a fan of Ibanez at all. But for a 7 year old, thats a perfect way to get him started. Your not out much if he decides he dont like guitar.