OK I read the book a week ago. And I just recently got the movie, i borrowed it from a friend. And i am afraid the movie will ruin the book for me. pit's opinions?
the movie is

I've been eyeing at the book for a while in the local library but I kind of have a thing against reading translations of such books
Never read the book.

Saw the movie. Loved the movie.

I want to read the book now.

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fear and loathing.. in las vegas? on the campaign trail? there are two Fear and Loathing books, I'm assuming you mean Las Vegas since you're talking about the movie, which is great BTW.
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The first half was great, I fell asleep during the last half though

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the movie is pretty damn good. Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro are fantastic as Thompson and Dr. Gonzo. I often find that the second half of the movie is a bit too much like the first half, but it is still very amusing throughout. Don't look forward to any huge, well-tied-together sense of plot, but the movie is good.
Great movie. See it.
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Ive read the book, the movie doesn't ruin it at all, in fact it complements it quite perfectly imo
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Good book.
Great movie.

Lord of the Rings movie were epic* and great, but ruined the books for me.

* Epic here not used like a stupid meme.
They literally are epic.
Great movie. I highly suggest it.
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Very well done movie, the acting is incredible.
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