i just modified my friend's guitar, it's a basic strat style, i took out the 5 way switch and put in 3 individual switches, then added another tone pot so it has an on/off switch for each pickup, a tone pot for each pickup and a master volume. thing is, when i plug the guitar into my amp it makes a loud buzzing sound, as if the jack wasn't all the way in. the jack is fine, the cable and amp are good, and it goes away when i turn the volume to zero but not when all the pickups are off. also, the buzz is only noticeable when the distortion on the amp is on, when i play through the clean channel it sounds fine. anyone know what the problem is?
Maybe you have a grounding problem? I'm no expert so if thats way off, don't flame me please.
The reason it quits buzzing when the volume is allthe way down or all pups are off is because the signal is grounded totally in those conditions.

Distortions are notorious for amplifying buzzing. Does it stop (or is greatly reduced) when you touch anything grounded on the guitar (strings, pot shafts, bridge, etc.)?

If so, it's normal. The most I can say with the information given is just try shielding the guitar.
i'm gonna guess you have the wires from the volume control to the output jack wired the wrong way round. swap the connections to the tip and shield of the output jack and see if that fixes things.
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