I've been looking to buy this for a while and now that christmas is coming i was wondering if it is a good buy. please respond with what you know and if you have one tell me if you like it.
I've seen the pedal here and there, but never used it though I read a lot about G1 and G1X... From what I've heard I recommend you to go for a G1 with a foot pedal. See the reviews in UG, you'll see the ratings.
Depends on what your needs/skill level. I have heard good things about the Zoom pedals. If all you do is play in your room through a small SS amp, by all means get a multifx. Personally, I prefer single pedals because they sound much better, but they are more expensive in the long run.
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Save for the G2, you can make patches for it, while the G1 can't make patches.
According to my friend, it's way better than the G1 too or something :P

I have the G2, I like it, but I don't LOVE it
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i have a G1x, the only diference with a G1 is that it has a built in pedal. i don't agree with kenneth saying u can't make patches out of a G1. it's a very cheap pedal but really sounds good. I really recomend this pedal specially when practicing solo, since you can jam along with the drum or metronome built in it. there's also a lot of distortion and clean sounds you can get out of it.
I have the G1X. Firstly, it is not correct that you can't create patches on it. You can create patches. I also recommend that you get the G1X with the foot pedal, it's actually quite useful.

My rationale behind purchasing this was that I had only played guitar for about a year and a half, and I was pretty much unaware of the different types of effects, and I wanted to experiment. The G1X was helpful to me in that regard, it allowed me to experiment with the different effects while still giving me a decent tone.

It's a cheap multi-fx unit, so it's unrealistic to expect it to compare to good quality individual stompboxes or a higher quality multi-fx pedal, but for it's cost and the benefit it can bring to someone new to guitar, or even just new to effects, it's quite good.

To get best use out of the sounds, you do need to play with it. Some of the inbuilt patches are usable, there are some pretty decent overdrive/distortion models, but I'd recommend experimenting and creating your own patches with the sound you're after.

If you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Good luck with it, if you do decide to buy it.
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i don't agree with kenneth saying u can't make patches out of a G1.

It's not really something you can disagree with... I don't think you understand what 'patches' are.
^ It's not accurate regardless, I've made patches on my G1X. True that it's not an agree/disagree statement, though.
yeh I lobe mine, it's got great distortion...

And you get a load of song/ artist sounds by going on google and typing in 'G1X Haax'
is it just me, or does this little ****er put out way too much bass? I got a VK112 recently, and when I run this pedal through it, I gotta have my bass at like -15 and also on 0 on my amp, otherwise that ****er bottoms out hardcore. I actually screwed my little practice amp with this pedal by cranking it too loud! otherwise, the distortion is great and effects aren't too bad
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It's not really something you can disagree with... I don't think you understand what 'patches' are.

i understand what patches are, and made several already w/ my G1X. i don't think you understand what you said. don't put it the wrong way. i just dont agree with people talking with something they dont have.