Well, the original crybaby isn't really all that good to begin with, so I can only imagine it'd sound worse with distortion.
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Frankly I think mine sounds pretty good driven, but then again I use an overdrive, not a distortion like you, so I couldn't tell you. You can probably try both before buying though to see.

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get the zakk wylde wah. it is a great, throaty wah
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^Don't get the Zakk Wylde Wah. It sounds like someone deep throated a wah.

The Original Crybaby isn't all that grand, actually. Sounds bad in my opinion, and horrible quality as far as build goes. They all seem to end up broken or just stop working within a few months. Dunlop wahs have failed to impress me, which is sad because I love a lot of their other products. I don't know if there are any other wahs in that price range, but I'd look into it.
I had a crybaby one time..
I took it home, it didn't work.. ended up only changing the volume for some reason.. and it broke one of my cables somehow..
1/10 would not buy again.

But i'm thinking of getting a VOX 847-A now.. you should check it out
You could try modding the original crybaby. Mine sounded great after I modded it.
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my original crybaby only sounds good when i put it after my distortion for whatever reason (which always baffled me as i've only ever seen people lead their pedalboard off with their wah, not end it)
Whoa man

I frequently use this same wah with my crate V32 and my schecter c1 plus so I think I can give you some very good advice! I really like the sound of the overdrive for leads with the wah pedal, believe it or not, but it really depends on what kind of sound you want.

I leave it in the treble position (all the way down) so that I get a sharper boost on my leads. I don't think it sounds all that great though if you tried to play rhythm distorted stuff.

Overall, I like it though. Many people are also recommending the crybaby classic and the vox 847A to me though. I'm personally looking into the latter two.

Good luck!