Hello all, any help would be much apreciated.

i currently pimping out my squire strat. I'm useless at wiring so experienced help would be brilliant

ok, I'm putting in 2 humbuckers. I bought a humbucker scratch plate and it came with 3 pot holes instead of 2 (as i was expecting) I was going to have 1 vol and 1 tone but as i have 3 holes i was wondering if its possible to have a volume control for each HB?

...if thats possible, wireing diagrams would be really helpful.

I'm using a 3way strat pickup selector diagrams on how to wire that to 2 Humbuckers, 2vol, 1 tone and jack would be brill.

tone pot, I've been trying to do some research into capacitors for them (i wasnt sure if i needed them or not) am i correct in saying that no capcitor hooked up means that the tone pot is useless? what capacitors do you suggest?

Thanks for any help.

I'll post some pics when i finish the project (currently in primer painting stage)
Is it a strat 3-way switch? I'll get a pic of the pinout in a sec...


500k pots and .047uF tone cap are standard for humbuckers. With no cap, a tone pot does nothing at all.

Ok, here's a pinout of a strat switch. The second pic is how to wire it. Man this is a pain in the nads...
strat switch.jpg
strat switch 2.JPG
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oh, problem with that.

as funds would alow i couldnt afford very good pickups but i got a good deal on a couple of BC rich pickups from a warlock - they only have 2 wires.

the diagram in the link had 4 wires from each pickup :S
See those two wires that are soldered together and taped off (the red and white ones)? Pretend they aren't in the diagram. They are the seiries coil link. Your pup already has that, but internally.
cool, thanks guys.

on the topic of grounding do i have to add solder to the back of each pot? as will as one of the pot conections?
Adding solder doesn't ground something. You have to connect everything that is supposed to be grounded together using wires, and usually people do this by soldering ground connections from pot lugs to the backs of the pots, and from there they use a wire to connect it to the rest of the grounds. Also be sure to ground the bridge in case you didn't or for whatever reason.
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Ground everything to the back of the volume pot. If the pots and switch are gonna be mounted on a pickguard with foil on the back, do not connect the pot casings like in the diagram. It'll create a ground loop which will make the guitar noisier (the foil will electrically connect all the components touching it; no wire necessary).
heh heh for £5 or so i'll do it then after spending £100+ on parts i might as well.

Thanks Jim, you have been a great help
Well, i've been looking around and i haven't seen any one do what i've done before - so it will be interesting to see what you guys think.

as far as sound clips go, i suck at guitar :P but i love them.

I bought a BC Rich Platinum Pro Virgin the other day for £130, so i'll start playing again to justify the spending (even though i think i got a great deal)

EDIT: I am a bit worried about my painting skills :S
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There are tutorials in the GB&C Resource sticky. I have a painting tut in the Ultimate Painting thread, but it's outdated. If you want I'll link you to the most recent version.
That would be great, thanks.

I've already messed up the back base coat, too wet so it ran. I've been sanding it again this morning so should be able to re-spray soon.
Ok. Here's the most recent version. I've heard people getting great results from it, so yeah. Tell me how it goes.

Right, I've hit a wall again :S

my 3 way is a tele style selector (its the top one)

in the diagram you linked me to on your first post there is 4 on either side. Can you help me wire to the selector like the one above, single row from 1-8, 2&3 are connected, 4&5 are connected and 6&7 are connected 1 and 8 are by themselves.
i tried it out and it sorta works

I just guessed how to work the 3 way and it 66% works, i can get neck selected and bridge but not both at the same time. Also i have horrible buzz until i ground it myself by touching the strings etc so i've messed up my earthing somwhere.