a store?
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You should be able to find band shirts EVERYWHERE in LA. Do you have any idea how many bands came out of LA?? Stop being lazy and look around and I'm sure you'll find something.
yes, a store. preferably in the santa monica area but could be anywhere in the city. I currently have only been able to get band t-shirts at hot topic which is kinda ****.
wait what the heck? I put down the word "l-a-m-e" and it put asterisks. I didn't know **** was a swear word...
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They practically have band t-shirt dispensers in the bathrooms.

That's like going into a restaurant and asking where to buy food.

This. TS, people like you are why we are failing as a species.
AHAHAHAHAHA, ****!!?? ****!!!????!??!?!!!??!?!

Google and Google maps are your best friends. Also, just look. And I got a cool Grateful Dead shirt at Hot Topic.
I love Foxy Shazam more than you.

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Hot Topic is good, suprisingly. I bought a Meshuggah and Opeth shirt there recently.

If you go around the Montebello area, go to a store called Lock and Shock. Very great selection of shirts.
i live in montreal, only went to LA once and even I know where to find band t-shirts there XD They're at like every street corner on holywood boulevard.