Injustice isn’t an opinion it refers to harm which is factual and I believe I generally documented it.

I’ve been ignored (inter)nationally by those who are a 1st step to a government. My goal is to have law based on the injustice document. When peaceful means are no longer an option we must use force directed at law enforcement.




Privacy Denial

Unavoidable Public Shock**

Injustice Related Recklessness**

Attempted, Assisted and/or Commissioned Injustice

The remaining forms of injustice occur when humans cause harm to life unless it only affects consenting, sane, post-pubescent humans because they have all the mental capabilities necessary to make educated decisions

(Unavoidability may void what is labeled injustice)

*It may be uncertain whether an act defines theft

**It may be impossible to determine what exactly is reckless and/or unavoidable
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Kill a cop?
Enjoy being buttraped for the rest of your life jackass.
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I think it's a bot.

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I hope you end up killing yourself before the cop has to put you down. Guys like the TS are the reason my parents knew people on the force that never came home.
i dont get it..why are people reporting this?

nevermind he's posting this in other forums as well.
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The punji sticks only work if you use your own feces. Most brand names aren't reliable.

All I gotta do is put on a cool face...
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what the deuce

well spoken.
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