So, I switched out the duncan designed pups on my Schecter c-1+ to SD JB/Jazz pups. My tone knob (Push/pull coil tap) has since shat the bed, and I figured rather than getting it replaced, I would be better off doing something crazy instead. My initial thought was to use a momentary push button in its place to use as a killswitch a la buckethead. I'm still not entirely sure what I want to do about it. I also considered a black ice cap, just because a gain pot would be funny as hell.

TL;DR: I want to replace my tone pot with something. Killswitch? Black Ice? Suggest.

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Quote by deftonesordie
not a killswitch. anything but a killswitch, please.

Indeed, I'm looking for something better.

-Ignore the "A7X"'s in my name! I made this account before City of Evil existed!
the killswitch isn't going to do anything good to your tone, not anything bad either. But it sort of sounds cool. I would recommend only putting the killswitch in if your were going to use it a fair bit, other wise you could make a killswitch pedal.

As for the black ice, that would be cool, and it would be better for your tone (if you play heavier music [rock, metal etc] ) But you need to have pickups over 10Kohms with a 250k pot and you can't have active pickups.
Black Ice is not pointless, just expensive. Just buy two Zener diodes and wire them from the pot to ground. I have another idea, though: Make an inverse tone control, one that cuts bass instead of treble.
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