Okay so im really sorry if this is in the wrong place and i know this must have been asked about a million times already, which im truely sorry for.

Anyways ive been playing guitar now for about 6 months and i have a basic understanding of how everthing works, tabs etc. I work in a bar that hosts an open band/mic night every thursday and i get up and play (not very well may i add) the only songs i play are About a girl and smells like teen spirit ( i have a little go at steve vai's for the love of god, which is way out of my league but i can play the intro and the intro to layla) and im getting abit tired of playing these week in, week out.

What im asking is, what songs (lets say 3 songs) are really easy to play but are big crowd pleasers (meaning they sound really tasty). Sorry about the wall of writing, im kinda in a hurry, thanks in advance for the help
Try some AC/DC or something. Skynyrd - Dont ask me no questions. I'm too high to think of any other 'easy' riffs, Sorry.