I know Hendrix did it on his flying v, and I was heavily inspired by srv's guitar, so i want to use nail polish on my strat. However im ofcourse hesitant on doing this, i want to paint my guitar but dont wanna go through the trouble of sanding in down and applying all these coats and polish and what not. Anyways: (I use an ash fender strat)

Will using nail polish effect my tone in any way?

Is it permanent?

If not, can i make it permanent?

If i mess up, can i erase it?

What's the step by step process?

please help
thanks guys

(p.s i used the search bar and found nothing, and sorry if im in the wrong forum fellas)

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It can indeed be done, I had to do it to a chip on the finish on my guitar once...

It won't really affect your tone an electric, just don't do it on an acoustic

It is permanent, it's damn nigh impossible to get off without taking off the other finish

Be VERY VERY CAREFUL: You can wipe it off with soap, water and a washcloth for a few seconds, but beyond that, it sticks... I didn't try nail polish remover, for fear it would take off the other finish, so maybe try putting a little but in a finished cavity to see if it takes it (the finish) off?

There's not much of a science: Just carefully put it on (evenly, without globbing) and don't touch it for a few minutes
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