I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with the PUPS they sell on GUITARFETISH? I read some reviews on them on diffrent sights, and all of the reviews are great. But im unsure. If the reviews are accurate these are priced awesome. So im just seeing if anybody has had any experience good or bad.
I have a set of overwound single coils in one of my strats and I love them. Another forum I belong to has alot of pro players and builders and I've only seen a few negative comments on them, the majority like them.
They are a great deal for the money but I also have a set of Dimarzio's and don't regret paying what I did for them.
So they are worth 35 bucks? I am thinking they must be a huge improvement to stock pickups? I was theinking of getting some SD invaders, But i could get a neck and bridge both from guitar fetish cheaper than one SD. I'm thinking i will just take the gamble and see for myself. 70 bucks aint much.
They are an improvement over stock but the SD's would probably be a better pickup. As I said I have a set of Dimarzio's and I would no way compare the GFS pup's to them, they just happen to sound great in the guitar I put them in. You also may be happy with your choice.
well, they're pretty good, especially for the price. Oh, and Invaders are muddy.
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anybody know about the ones that come in the prewired pickguards? I dont really care if their amazing (which obviously they wont be) but im replacing the pickguard on my MIM strat that already has terrible pups in it.

I plan on going to a SSH setup now and a I will be replacing the bucker thats in there with one of their p90 equivelants.
The GF pickups are basically the same as you get in asian copy brands, like basic Epiphone Les Pauls, Squier Strats, etc. They're not awful, but they're not good either. You're getting what you pay for. You pay a cheap price, you get a cheaper product.
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[in reference to the mention of wanting an Invader pup]

Hate to "spam", but I'm expecting to put the SH-8b/SH-10n set from my last WR1 purchase on eBay tomorrow night (technically tonight at this point) if you are looking for a used price on an Invader set.