Okay, I'll try to be as specific as I can with this:

I bought a DiMarzio Chopper (Stacked Humbucker, 4 Conductor) for my Strat. I put it in the neck position and am having trouble getting the wiring right.

My Strat had three single coils, so none of them were grounded, and I'm wondering if I should ground to the output jack or not. I'm wiring the coils in parallel, and needed to reverse the phase so I switched the red and green wires, but I haven't had any luck with it. The installation panflet told me to attach one wire to "hot" (not sure what this is) and the other to ground and the bare wire to ground.

If someone could please make this more clear to me, I would be very grateful.
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the bare wire should be connected to ground, but it isn't necessary to run a separate wire all the way to the output jack. your grounds, including the trem are already connected together at some place. probably the case of the volume control. connect the bare wire there.

if you want the two coils of the Chopper connected in parallel:

red & white are connected together. (this will be the "hot" connection)
green & black are connected together. (this will be the "common" connection)

if you want the two coils of the Chopper connected in series:

white & black are connected together. but not connected to anything else.
red is the "hot" connection.
green is the "common" connection.

more info is available, directly from diMarzio:
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