So, today i plugged into my peavey XXX half stack and turned on the amp. After waiting for it heat up, i turned it off of standby. A loud crackling and popping noise preceeded. The amp reamined on, but all sound cut out, no hiss, no hum, nothing. The amp light and everything still remained on. I leaned over the amp and noticed a slight stench of somthing burning in the air, sort of like when a hair dryer overheats. I plugged my friend's Peavey 6505 into my cabinet and loop and everything ran fine, so i know its nothing obvious (wires, cables, etc.) Also, i noticed that all of my power amp tubes were glowing as usual, i couldnt see the preamp tubes as the are far in the back. Its not a blown fuse because i replaced the one in the back of the head near the power jack.

Please, any intelligent advice would be much appreciated.

by the way: the tubes in the head are JJ Tubes 6L6's power amps, and 12ax7 preamp.
my first guess would be that you blew a fuse dude, my xxx combo likes to blow its main fuse if I run it to long at to loud of volumes.
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