Alright, so thanks guys for recommending me an amp for myself. A fender HRD is heading my way.

But, for my cousin, I plan on getting him an amp for christmas. Budget is up to $300. Hopefully around $250. But, tube would be nice, but something like a Vox is fine as I've heard they are quality. (actually I'm kinda leaning towards Vox from what I've played on them at GC.
He like to play stuff from the Arctic Monkeys, Strokes, Incubus, Jimmy Eat World. So nothing too heavy.

Thanks UG, Dillon.
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I have heard good reports on the Peavey 6505, never tried it before but maybe that would work.
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^^Isn't the 6505 pretty heavy? And it's over 1000.

And thanks GNR, really excited about it.
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Good on the HRD, I'm getting one too.

For your cousin, if he's not into anything too heavy maybe a Crate V-18? Or failing that, a Vox Valvetronix sounds like your best bet.
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Crate V-33



Also, it's worth mentioning that the V33, while being a 2 channel amp, has 2 completely different voiced channels with a shared EQ. Channel switching in a live situation is not recommended (by me) because it will make the other channel unusable if you dial one in right.

did that make sense?