Or the 3P's as I like to call it. I have been working towards creating the most comfortable, relaxing practice environment/posture possible (without laying down of course). Most of this was gleaned from one of FreePower's most excellent posture vid.

Anyway...enough boot lickin'.

Question: If I create a 'comfortable' and 'proper' posture for practicing...and I spend hours and hours (yea, I still dig practice!) in this position (mine is also with the neck going very vertical and body on left leg).....

I will train my arms/body/hands to operate at 100% in this particular position...yes?

Yet, if I throw on a strap and stand up like any normal guitar player who is playing with others - this is not the same position I have been practicing in.

I realize I'm not going to realistically stand for hours on end practicing scales or independent finger exercises - but it seems like I should be holding the guitar in a similar fashion as I would if 'jamming'....

Or am I missing something that all of the n00b's miss? (meaning, btw, I fit right in...hahah)

Thanks for any help ya all offer!
Wear your guitar really high. That's what us cool kids do.

If your sitting posture doesn't translate easily to your standing posture, you need to bring them a little closer while maintaining correct posture.
hahah, yea that's what I figured... OR, I could just hold the guitar by pushing my strumming hand against the body and 'lock' it there while standing! Yea that's it, might even make my chops easier on E... haha

Ok, so I need to try and bring standing-playing as close to sitting-playing as I can? Hmmm... So just curious - you practice with the neck almost straight up yes? This aids in keeping the arm/tendons relaxed and can easily reach anything above the 12th fret.

But when you play on a stage, isn't it like a complete freak out for your hands to go from the practice-home-comfy position to being angled, held from a strap, etc... ?

I dunno - just seems like I'm learning to play baseball by swinging the bat like a golf club...and then, after practicing forever like this, when a tournament comes, I'll need to swing it like a normal bat... haha. On that note, it's back to the bong and strings.
Well, I practice in a variety of ways, and sometimes standing. If I'm not playing stretch licks I don't need the neck as vertical as all that, so it's not a big deal to change to standing.
Right on... I think I just worry too much about learning bad habits/form and therefore end up bringing up things that a normal player just shrugs at as though they never gave it a second thought.

Thx for your info FP!
Dude what i do is just get comfortable and just jam. I realize thats probaly wrong but like i took a guitar class at school and my teacher forced me to sit "properly" i couldnt play. There is a "right" way to sit but i dont like it. so basically dude do what you want thats what my buddy tells me and its worked for a few years now